Cool Facts

 1. Kilauea is a Shield Volcano.

 2. It's crater is 3,646 feet deep.

 3.  Kilauea has the largest active volcano in the world.

 4. Kilauea is the youngest volcano is Hawaii.

 5. The circumference is 8 miles.
 6. The volcano is surrounded by a wall of volcanic rock from 200 to 500 feet high.

 7. A firey pit called Halemaumawa is it's floor.

 8. Kilauea has had 61 eruptions total.

 9.  Kilauea is 1 of 5 active volcanos in Hawaii.

 10. Kilauea is the home of the Fire Goddess named Pele.

 11. Kilauea means spewing or spreading.

 12. The age since the first eruption has been 300,000-600,000 years.

 13. Kilauea is also a resource site.

 14. The lava that explodes from it can pave a road 3 times around the road.